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Cardiff Business Council unveil city model

A scale model of Cardiff with Porth Teigr prominently incorporated has been unveiled.

The 1:750 scale model measures 6.5m x 5.5m and includes 20 detailed replicas of landmarks such as the Millennium Stadium. It depicts 18 sq km (seven sq miles) of the City and was commissioned by the recently formed Cardiff Business Council.

CBC is an arm's-length company set up by Cardiff Council to encourage investors and promote the capital. The model will show potential investors the breadth and scale of the developments which are coming on line in Cardiff.

The model was made in 25 sections, on plywood. Details of the Porth Teigr master plan were provided by our CGI modelling company (Persona-id) which allowed its makers (Cardiff firm Modelmakers) to build it to scale using layers of acrylic sheets. It will be updated to reflect new developments such as the Gloworks centre for the creative industries, as they are completed.

The model replicates the City from the Bristol Channel and Cardiff Bay in the south, to Sophia Gardens in the north. East to west, it stretches from the International Sports Village to the edge of the Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone. Details on the Millennium Centre include the building's famous inscription fully lit, and Cardiff Castle has a clock tower described as "the size of a pepper mill". Anyone viewing the model can navigate around the City using a touch-screen which lights up individual projects and displays information and statistics about them with a specific link to details of Porth Teigr.

When not in use at National and International exhibitions such as MIPIM, it will be on display at a newly created marketing suite in Cardiff Central Library.


CBC model

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